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Information Systems Security Consulting

Today's Information Security Challenge:

Information security is a moving target. Although the basic principles of information security do not and have not changed, their application and scope have changed immensely over the last decade. Constant vigilance is required. New information system vulnerabilities and attacks are discovered daily, new security technologies are developed, new products are released, enterprise security practices evolve, and user awareness of threats must be updated. What worked last year or yesterday may be obsolete or insufficient today.

Information Security Consulting Expertise:

IAPS understands the "business" of computer and information systems security. Computer security is a core competency and technology focus of IAPS. Our consultants have extensive information security experience and have completed numerous commercial projects successfully. Our assignments have included:

  • Designing and conducting an employee survey to assess the security knowledge of engineers, sales personnel and managers for Cisco Systems. The survey report included metrics and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of staff involved with selling network security solutions.
  • Setting up a security test lab for a foreign government agency in the Pacific Rim and running competing vendor's products though the paces. Made concrete recommendations for products based on the agency's needs, and successfully defended choices to the client.
  • Architecting and implementing a secure framework for audit and server log consolidation for a large US Investment house. Acted as project manager, general security resource, and point of contact between the client and vendors.
  • Comparing two competing Internet security products and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses for a large governmental agency. Made recommendations based on client's current and future networking needs.
  • Design of a system for secure data aggregation over the Internet that is now operational and used in over one hundred countries.
  • Working on a high throughput, real-time, DCE-based transactional system for lottery and horse racing. Coordinating interactions between US and international development teams. Involvement ranged from designing security architecture to teaching the client IT department how to take the system live and maintain it securely.
  • Acting as the security architect on a proposal for a major US healthcare provider. Designed and implemented a prototype system as part of the proposal.
  • Assessment and implementation of basic website security for small to medium sized businesses

Business Information Security Consulting Services:

Our typical security consulting assignments include one or more of the following tasks:

Further Information:

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your organization's security consulting and training requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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