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Implementing Public Key Infrastructure - PKI

Public Key Infrastructure - Viability and Success:

Numerous organizations use a PKI infrastructure as a long-term framework for providing digital signature, secure e-mail, and non-repudiation services. Although the industry excitement over PKI has diminished, it is still as viable as ever for implementing secure business solutions.

Many Public Key Infrastructure projects have been extremely successful. The successes include the Chase EC Gateway which allows customers to send payment-instruction and information files to JPMorganChase over the Internet, and Lufthansa's Public Key Infrastructure used to protect its customer-facing Internet portals.

PKI's use is far more widespread than commonly believed. For example, most purchases over the Internet rely on Public Key Infrastructure technology for security.

Our Services:

We have been involved in numerous medium to large scale development projects: some extremely successful, and some less so. We know what is needed to meet both technical and business objectives. Our participation in many PKI implementations enables us to advise our clients on the:

  • Practical uses of PKI technology
  • Type and amount of management support needed to reach project goals
  • Specification of clearly defined project deliverables
  • Establishment of their project's expected return on investment

We are familiar with PKI implementation pitfalls, and enable clients to avoid ineffective approaches and projects.

Further Information:

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your organization's security consulting and training requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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