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Conducting Security Product Evaluations

Product Evaluations:

Deciding between competing vendor's products is a complicated task. Very often there is not a clearly superior or "perfect" product, but rather products with different strengths and weaknesses. It is extremely difficult to evaluate and effectively choose the best security products for both current and unpredictable future requirements.

In-house evaluations can be particularly problematic. It is not easy to accurately evaluate new types of products with which your organization has little or no experience. Also, your organization's established vendors may or may not have optimal solutions for your future requirements.

Vendor Neutrality:

Our extensive experience with security product evaluation can help you choose the best product fit for your organization while saving you time and expense. Our vendor independence guarantees that we will make recommendations in your best interests, not the vendors!

Our Services:

Services can include anything from participating in vendor meetings and demonstrations to setting up a full test lab and taking the short listed products through their paces. A report is submitted for each product tested and a comparative product matrix is produced as a quick reference to the strengths and weaknesses of each, relative to the security requirements of your organization.

Further Information:

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to discuss your organization's security product evaluation and testing requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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